Cybersecure connectivity, protocol translation, remote access, cloud connectivity and more

conga-connect is a highly secure, configurable, industrial IIoT gateway that was originally developed for production store floor applications originally developed and supported by congatec, a leading supplier of embedded systems.

Data points can be extracted from protocols just as easily without programming effort / through simple configuration and securely projected between networks or into the cloud. This enables, for example, the secure and simple connection of laboratory/shopfloor networks to your IT infrastructure (MES, LIMS, ...).

As a return channel, i.e. for the targeted control of data points from the IT and / or cloud to your machine or your IT environment can be configured just as easily. This means, for example, that control signals can be set or manipulated variables and definable limits can be adjusted without making the actual control system visible or disrupting processes through direct control interventions.

In the same way, the connection of robot systems can be realized easily and safely.

The integrated web visualization makes it easy to create a simple SCADA system.

The data acquisition device was realized according to the security-by-design concept from the perspective of a system integrator.

conga-connect has different input channels and versatile connection options for a wide range of production machines.
The solution can be used both as a perfect security gateway in new machines and as a guarantee for secure and robust "brownfield" digitization (the connection of existing system landscapes).

With universal options for translating a wide range of communication protocols, the ARENDAR also offers a compact and easy-to-set-up bridge for IT and OT communication protocols. Due to the concept of data projection, data points are mapped uni- or bi-directionally between protocols and different networks. This allows you to connect your system to heterogeneous process landscapes without any programming effort.

Some of the protocol and connection options:

  • MQTT
  • ModBus
  • PLC native
  • REST
  • OPC UA acting as client and/or server
  • Cloud connectivity: Certified connectivity to Microsoft Azure, AWS, Cumoulosity, ...
  •  ...

Finally, the system optionally offers an integrated I/O interface for the direct connection of digital or analog input and output channels, fieldbuses and much more.

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