Complementing our solution portfolio with SEKONIC spectrometer systems

New sales partner SEKONIC added to the nortus product portfolio

Sekonic Corporation Japan offers the widest range of light meters for photographers around the world.

Founded in June 1951 as Seiko Electric Industries Co, Ltd, the first Sekonic brand light meter was the revolutionary Sekonic P-1. Sekonic meters became so well known that in February 1984, the Sekonic Digipro X-1 and L-518 meters were launched into space on NASA's Space Shuttle.

We are delighted that we were able to add Sekonic's high-performance products to our portfolio through the partnership we entered into in 2023.

With the C-7000 spectrometer, we can offer our customers in the industrial sector one of the most powerful spectrometers from SEKONIC, which can also be used very quickly for a wide range of customer applications thanks to the very intuitive user guidance via the integrated touch display.