Automatic or semi-automatic small parts testing

The PARTchecker series is suitable for automated testing of all types of small parts.

  •     Rotationally metric components:
    Pins, sleeves, shafts, screws, turned parts, ...
  •     Flat components:
    Nuts, stamped parts, plastic parts, seals, membranes, ...


Prüfung kugelförmiger Objekte

BALLchecker - checking balls of all kinds

  • with three or six cameras simultaneously
  • Inspection cycles from 20 to 30 balls / s
  • Inspection accuracy down to the micrometer range
  • Complete all-round surface inspection
  • Slip-free 100% inspection



Checking of cylindric parts

CANchecker® is available in versions for internal and external testing.

The platform is based on the CAPchecker® and PADchecker® product families, which are also available and have a worldwide installation base of over 140 systems.

The CANchecker therefore offers a mature and at the same time flexibly adaptable technology.

Both histogram analysis and the pattern-matching method are available for the external inspection (printing).
for external inspection (printing) - with parts in any position and flexible shape selection (round, oval or rectangular cylinder shapes).

Advanced lighting technology is used for the internal inspection, which also detects delicate defects such as dents, scratches or light soiling.

When designing the user interface, as with all other product lines, particular emphasis was placed on user-friendliness and practical user guidance.